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About us



Our restaurant is located near popular Rosenthaler Platz in Berlin Mitte. With its modern and modest interior, it provides a relaxing atmosphere in which our guests can enjoy a quick business lunch or a balanced dinner.

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We believe that premium-quality dishes and drinks, which are prepared with utmost care and attention, have an important positive effect on one’s well-being. Therefore we serve traditional Vietnamese food with a focus on the freshest ingredients and a thorough preparation.

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What others are saying

Mivadu has been mentioned in a number of sources including blogs, magazines and other food-related media. Here is an excerpt of the feedback we received:



“Mivadu is a Vietnamese restaurant celebrating understatement in the heart of hipster hood. […] Mivadu is super affordable (mains around 8-10€) and is probably the single best Vietnamese restaurant in its price range. Swing by and try their Pho soup with spring onions, soybean and fresh herbs. It’s cooked to perfection and rounded up by tender rare beef.”

Mr. Eatler:

“This corner joint specializes in Vietnamese noodle dishes and offers food for everyone to enjoy – from that obnoxious guy your friend is dating who loves to wave meat in your vegan face to, well, your vegan face.”


“Vegans will find a number of delicious dishes here. These include fresh summer roles served with a peanut dip, a pho – rice noodle soup with tofu, soy meat, fresh vegetables and herbs, a rice noodle salad with fresh seasonal veggies and Bun Cha Gio – delicious rice noodles with spring rolls filled with soybean and tofu.”

Kindness in Business:

“…you can enjoy delicious crunchy Vietnamese snacks and the tastiest tofu under your flying noodles.”